Executive Committee Meeting Summary Dec. 8th & 9th, 2021

CFMA’s 2021-22 Executive Committee met to address many key areas of the organization which included:

  • Approving the Arkansas Chapter as CFMA’s 100th Chapter.
  • Hearing reports from our current Principal Partners, Viewpoint and BKD, on projects in which we can work together more collaboratively.
  • Approving a recommendation to increase a new chapter’s initial funding.
  • Directing the Chapter Resource Committee to fine-tune a recommendation to increase the amount of STAR Funds provided to each chapter on an annual basis.
  • Discussing potential improvements to the Chapter Connection Program in which their major goal is to assist and support CFMA’s chapter network.

At each meeting, a major goal is to engage members in an active discussion that allows the committee to provide input on key strategic direction within CFMA. For this meeting, the committee focused on reviewing and providing input to CFMA’s proposed strategic plan direction that was developed by the Strategic Planning Task Force in November of this year. The plan will be finalized in April of 2022 and communicated to all members and key stakeholders.

CFMA’s HQ staff, Officers, and Executive Committee are always looking for new ways to serve the needs of our members. If you have any comments or questions, please contact me at sbinstock@cfma.org or 609-945-2429.

Stuart Binstock