About Our Chapter

Welcome to the Construction Financial Management Association’s Puget Sound Chapter. Our mission is to serve and connect local construction financial management professionals and service providers.


We take great pride in providing a forum for our members to exchange ideas and to serve as a source of knowledge making it easier for you to stay current and grow as a professional.


As a local organization, we understand the importance of giving back and investing in our community through our involvement in our industry-related issues and charitable endeavors.


To learn how to become part of this growing and exciting organization, click here for more information on joining CFMA.


Past Presidents of Puget Sound CFMA:
Grace Pizzey
Cheryl Nagel
Board of Directors/Ryan Anderson, CCIFP
Adam Smith
Ryan Anderson, CCIFP
2011-2012Lilay Gebreigziabher 
2010-2011Tim McNees / Jordan Rosenfeld 
2009-2010Joyce McNeil / Alison Sellers 
2008-2009Joyce McNeil 
2007-2008Tim McNees, CCIFP 
2006-2007Dax Woolston, CCIFP 
2005-2006Dawn Stephens 
2004-2005Stuart O'Farrell / Stephanie Hoel 
2003-2004Dan Raymond 
2002-2003Brent Heilesen 
2001-2002Sheila Davidson 
2000-2001Mary Mataja 
1999-2000Herman Koempel 
1998-1999Wendy Pare 
1997-1998Eric Rogstad 
1996-1997Eric Rogstad 
1995-1996Koll Husemoen 
1994-1995Anne Meek 
1993-1994Gary Hart 
1992-1993Rick Bellin 
1991-1992John Sandstrom 
1990-1991Philo Hall 
1989-1990Jim Dealy 
1988-1989Scott Saunders 
1987-1988Chris Thompson 
1986-1987Lloyd Wiebe 
1985-1986John Tremper 
1984-1985Paul Myhre 
1983-1984Paul Myhre