"The Honest Truth About Fraud–A Former FBI Agent Tells All" presented by Vic Hartman

Feb 8, 2022 - 3:00 PM (PT) - Virtual Presentation
Hosted by Puget Sound, Seattle, WA

About this Event

Please join us for our February 8th virtual presentation, "The Honest Truth About Fraud–A Former FBI Agent Tells All," by Vic Hartman from 3-5pm. This course explores the current fraud threat picture along with the motivations driving each of these frauds. Armed with this knowledge, corporate managers can more effectively address each aspect of the Fraud Life Cycle–Prevention, Detection, Investigation, Mitigation, and Remediation.


Learning Objectives include:

--To explore the current fraud threat picture

--To learn why fraudsters commit various types of fraud

--To more effectively prevent and detect frauds in an organization

--To describe a combination of “hard control” and “soft controls” to prevent fraud

--To learn how to form an investigative team

--To explore litigation remedies for fraud

This event will offer 2 hours of Non-Technical CPE Credit

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Featured Speakers

Vic Hartman is a veteran FBI Agent of 25 years. He is also an attorney, CPA, and founder of the The Hartman Firm, LLC in Atlanta, Georgia. Vic’s Firm specializes in internal investigations, forensic accounting, and fraud mitigation consulting. He is also an international speaker on the topic of fraud and the author of the book, The Honest Trust About Fraud–A Former FBI Agent Tells All.


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