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30th Anniversary Celebration

On September 22, 2015, over 80 attendees gathered at the Seattle Yacht Club to celebrate the Puget Sound Construction Financial Management Association’s (CFMA) 30th Anniversary. Cheryl Nagel, CFO of Sequoyah Electric and President of the Puget Sound CFMA, gave an inspirational speech about what motivated her to get involved with CFMA. Her message focused on four words; networking, relationships, personal growth and giving back. She reflected on her past and present mentors and thanked Dave Nichols, Executive Chairman of Sequoyah Electric, for being her current mentor of 15 years.  Her message encouraged attendees to find what motivates them to take risks, step out of comfort zones and act on opportunities; resulting in growth both professionally and personally. 


Cheryl's message was followed by Mark Matteson, a local nationally recognized speaker and author who then complemented the event with messages of goal setting and building lasting relationships that contribute to lifelong success. Also present was Cathy Wasner, CFMA National Director of National Services who shared more about what is happening in the US and Canada and the recent increase in chapters and growth in the membership. 


Special recognition to Lloyd Weibe, Koll Housemen, and Hank Waggoner original Founding Members of the Puget Sound Chapter.  Also mentioned was Rick Bellin and Herman Koempel for 27 years and Steve Palmer for 25 years of membership!  Thank you all who joined us for this celebration!


Pictures of the event can be viewed here under our Events page


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September 2017

When:   Sep 13, 11:15 AM - 1:00 PM (PT)
Where:   Bellevue Ruth's Chris