Scholarship Information

2018/2019 Award Amount - $10,000

Puget Sound Chapter of the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) is a local non-profit organization dedicated to being the communications leader and premier source of education and information for those aspects of financial management unique to the construction industry. Our local chapter consists of more than 130 individual members representing approximately 100 different companies in the Puget Sound region including: construction companies, lawyers, banks, insurance and surety bonding companies, accounting software, suppliers to the construction industry and CPA’s.

The Puget Sound CFMA chapter sponsors an annual scholarship program aimed at recognizing and rewarding local college students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievements and exhibit a strong desire to pursue a career in the construction/financial management industry upon graduation. CFMA believes that these individuals are a key component to all of our future successes, and we take great pride in awarding these scholarships.

In addition to being eligible for receiving this scholarship, you may be contacted by one of our members' companies about employment and/ or internship opportunities. By completing the scholarship application through the Formsite hyperlink below (which will be active in February), you authorize the release of the information contained in your application to any of the scholarship co-sponsors and/or any interested member company.

Should a Puget Sound CFMA member's company want to reach out to any of the past or present scholarship recipients, we will be happy to provide their contact information on file.

The eligibility requirements for the scholarships are outlined below:

  • Sophomore, Junior or Senior to be in the 2018/19 academic year. Graduate level work including 5th year accounting classes intended to be used towards a master degree are eligible to apply.
  • Cumulative college GPA of 3.0 or better.
  • Enrolled in an accounting, finance or construction management Bachelor’s degree program at a college or university in the state of Washington.
  • Fully completed CFMA scholarship application, including required supplemental information--via Formsite link below. The deadline for scholarship application submissions is March 31, 2018.

Eligible Schools for student applications include:

Central WA University
Eastern WA University
Seattle Pacific University
Seattle University
UW Seattle
UW Bothell
UW Tacoma
WA State University
Western WA University

The scholarships to be awarded in the 2018/19 year will total $10,000 with a $6000 award and a $4000 award.
Scholarship awards will be distributed in August 2018. Applicants are eligible to re-apply after one year. On behalf of our local CFMA chapter, and as the Scholarship Chair for the Puget Sound Chapter, I thank you for your interest in our industry, and look forward to receiving your application.

Stuart O'Farrell
Scholarship Chair of the Puget Sound Chapter of CFMA


2018-2019 CFMA Puget Sound Chapter Scholarship Award Recipients

Congratulations to the scholarship winners for the current academic year!

Laura_Goodnight_cropped.jpeg Amanda_Morales-Menchu_cropped2.jpg
Laura Goodnight 
University of WA
1st Place Winner
Amanda Morales-Menchu
  WA State University
 2nd Place Winner



I am beyond thankful for the opportunity that the CFMA scholarship has afforded me in my continued pursuit of education. Not only has this scholarship lightened my financial burden, but it has also connected me to a network of financial management professionals in the area I plan to work in. I am very excited to begin this next stage of my professional development and am thankful for the generous support of the Puget Sound CFMA. Go Dawgs! 
Laura Goodnight, 2018 1st Place Award

I am grateful to have CFMA provide the support that directly factors into my ability to grow personally and professionally. As a low-income student, I often feel overwhelmed with finances. Any and every amount of aid helps me pursue more on-campus opportunities that often takes me away from my workplace. This summer I began an Honors research project alongside some of my closest professors in the field of accounting. I will now be able to continue to immerse myself into this community of distinguished scholars for the next two semesters.  When I say thank you, I truly mean it from the bottom of my heart. 
Amanda Morales-Menchu, 2018 2nd Place Award

Words alone cannot express my gratitude for being chosen as one of the recipients of the CFMA scholarship. The scholarship has helped ease my financial burden and made a big and positive influence on my pursuit of education and career. CFMA’s generosity has added inspiration to my desire of giving back to the community upon graduation. Education is and will always be of utmost importance to me. Being the first in my family to attend college, I hope to be a good example to my siblings and future generations. Thank you CFMA for playing part in the success of my academic journey.
Jackson Njoroge, 2017 1st Place Award

Receiving the CFMA scholarship allowed me to spend my summer aboard in Ecuador and learn about social movements and culture; topics that aren’t covered by my accounting education. Without this scholarship, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to go beyond my career interests and explore a different field of study. I’m so thankful to the CFMA Board for believing in me and supporting my educational and career pursuits, as well as my personal development.
Navkiran Gill, 2017 2nd Place Award

My achievements in my career thus far is a reflection of the education I have received and extraordinary mentorship. My goals will be furthered with the help of the CFMA scholarship as I will be able to develop business acumen, improve my ability to make good judgments, and sharpen my managerial skills. It is essential that I strategically position myself by obtaining the right credentials, the appropriate experience, and the growing understanding of what it takes to be a leader in today’s business environment.
Felicia Parnel, 2017 3rd Place Award

The CFMA scholarship have not only impacted my life but also my family's. As a first generation college student and first generation immigrant, attaining a higher education was challenging due to financial hardship and limited resources. It is organizations like the CFMA that makes it possible for students like me to achieve their aspirations. I am now a year away from being the first in my family to earn my bachelor's degree. My younger siblings have spoken to me about studying at University of Washington as well in the near future. Again, thank you so much for this scholarship. It will greatly impact my education.
Nicoleen Lebita, 2017 3rd Place Award


Year Recipient Name College
2018 Laura Goodnight University of Washington
2018 Amanda Morales-Menchu Washington State University
2017 Jackson Njoroge Central Washington University
2017 Navkiran Gill University of Washington
2017 Felicia Parnel Washington State University
2017 Nicoleen Lebita University of Washington
2016 Trey Takara Seattle University
2016 Elizabeth Colvillo Eastern Washington University
2016 Rosemerry Zyph Central Washington University
Lauren Files
Michael Keller
Minae Lee
Evan Gilsdorf
Caitlin Snaring
Patrick Bestebreur
Lindsey Kranz
Washington State University
University of Washington
Washington State University
University of Washington
University of Washington
Washington State University
Gonzaga University
2012 Torr Martin University of Washington
2011 Meredith Qiu University of Washington
2011 Zoryana Stadnik University of Washington
2010 John Kepler University of Washington
2010 Erika Estrada-Ramierez Central Washington University